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Sunday 5man Spring Flag Football League Begins March 14, 2015

United Sports League Flag Football League


United Sports League offers the premier Adult Flag Football League in New York City. Our seasons will feature:

  • Fall, Spring & Summer
  • 8 Regular Season Games & Playoff Format,Teams Qualify Per Division
  • 2/3 Referees Assigned Per Game
  • League Jersey and League-Approved Flag Belt for All Players

Three Exciting Adult Flag Football Formats

  • 5-man Flag Footbal: Great way for Wide Receivers and Running Backs to compete without contact. (Location is East River Park and Dewitt Park in Manhattan.)
  • 6-man Ultimate Flag Football: Consists of 1- man line and 5 players  It’s mixture of both 5man and 8man. (Location is Staten Island.)
  • 8-man Flag Football: Consists of 3-man line and open hand block, providing an experience nearest the real thing, but with the least amount of contact. (East River Park and Prospect Park Brooklyn Parade Grounds )

Two Balanced Divisions, Based on Skill Level

The USL offers two diverse division, including:

  • Intermediate (U2 Division) For players that lack of recruiting lineman or D1 players. The rules and prizes are customized to be more recreational. (Location is East River Park and Dewitt Park in Manhattan.)
  • Advance (U1 Division) For players that are looking to be very competitive and looking for that great big prize. (Location is Brooklyn Parade Grounds.)

For more information call/text 212-256-1145 or Click Here Get Your Team Ready Now

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